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    • Personal computer users in the San Diego area: Do you need help buying a computer? Or setting it up? Or configuring it? How about solving problems your computer may have? Sutton's Solutions can help. Contact for assistance. Standard rate for home computer users: $30/hour, $60 minimum for first visit. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    • See Harry's professional biography for more info.

    *Web sites developed and maintained by Sutton's Solutions:

    • On Track On Line: This site has hints, tips, suggestions, and much more for first time and experienced railroad travelers in the Amtrak Travel Tips. And much more about railroading.

    • San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry: SDARI is an educational and investigative organization which advocates the application of scientific method and open rational inquiry to extraordinary claims of all kinds.

    • Atheist Coalition of San Diego: A coalition of unbelievers, atheists, agnostics, rationalists, skeptics, and secular humanists.

    • Congress of History of San Diego and Imperial Counties: A networking organization that brings together representatives of all the historical societies, groups, museums and historical archives in California's San Diego and Imperial Counties. The Congress of History has over 200 member organizations.

    • Laura's Barber Shop: Quality, Professional & Friendly Service; cuts for the entire family; in Chula Vista CA near I-805 and Orange Avenue.

    • Other Proposed Web Sites: Example web sites developed for other organizations pending their approval. [None pending at this time.]

    *Photos! This section of this site has some of my digital photos. Always "under construction."

    *Astronomical Information: One of my hobbies is amateur astronomy. This section of this site has information for anyone with an interest in the sciences that make up astronomical observation.

    *Are you a Humanist? You might be surprised at your answers to the questions on this page. Visit this section of my web site for some information about Humanism -- and judge for yourself.

    *MS-DOS DoubleSpace/DriveSpace Frequently Asked Questions: [TOTALLY OBSOLETE but retained for nostagia reasons] Compiled from answers to questions on Compuserve from 1993 to 2000 about MS-DOS DoubleSpace and DriveSpace disk compression, this is my FAQ file. (Note: I have no experience with the somewhat different Windows 95/98 DriveSpace disk compression.)

    *Weather Maps/Graphics: Some weather maps and graphics of interest mostly to me, acheter viagra en france, from the Weather Channel.

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